How do you feed Florian?

Florian ration: follow the steps

Easily determine the perfect Florian combination for your horse in 4 steps

Step 1: the basis

The basis of any good ration consists of sufficient hay of good quality and unlimited access to water, preferably as pure as possible. When your horse drinks groundwater, it is wise to have the iron content examined. 

Step 2: mixed roughage

Then choose one of our roughage mixes: the Basic Pure, Basic Growth or Total Plus. 

Basic Pure

For horses that require lowerprotein & energy. 

  • Light work 
  • Muscle building necessary
  • Horses from 7 years old 
  • Sober breeds

Basic Growth

For horses that require higher protein & energy.

  • Average to heavy work 
  • Muscle building necessary 
  • Growing horses, up to 7 years
  • Mares in foal or lactating
  • Older horses that are having a hard time keeping up their weight

Total Plus

Suitable for horses that function perfectly with only roughage in their ration. In addition to the different fibers and crude fiber sources, the extra vitamins and minerals ensure that this unique product can be used as a complete feed, without the addition of grain or muesli.

When you feed Total Plus, a supplement with ViMi-Plus is not necessary, so you can skip step 3. However, extra energy can be directed with a muesli from step 4.

Step 3: ViMi-Plus Balancer or not? 

If you are going to feed the Basic Pure or Basic Growth, an additional product is necessary to ensure that your horse receives sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Did you choose Total Plus in step 2? Then you do not need to add ViMi Plus. This has already been added to the Total Plus. 

Does your horse have no additional energy needs outside the roughage mix? Then adding our ViMi-Plus pellet is sufficient. You feed this highly concentrated pellet in a small amount and it contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a high dose. 

Would you like to provide your horse with extra energy? Then choose one of our muesli’s in step 4. You can then omit the ViMi-Plus. So you don’t feed both ViMi-Plus and a muesli. 



Step 4: Steering on energy

Does your horse have a specific energy requirement? Then choose one of our muesli’s, instead of the ViMi-Plus Balancer from step 3. 

First Care

A unique muesli, which has a positive effect on the bowel function. The digestion is extra stimulated due to the bran and crude fibre. This
concentrate can be fed as a muesli, but also as a mash by adding water. When you switch to a Florian ration, this is the ideal muesli to start with for a smooth transition.

Slow Impact

A muesli developed for horses that need to gain weight, but do not need to become sharper and more energetic. This muesli supplies controllable energy.


A high quality composed muesli for horses that should be a bit “sharper”. Therefore, this muesli is very suitable for horses who are
phlegmatic (slughish) and may become more energetic. The Energizer can be combined with the Power Fit at peak times, during heavy training sessions and/or competitions, for an extra boost. 

Power Fit

This muesli gives extra muscle power. Suitable for rearing young horses, young sporthorses and horses that need to build extra muscles. This feed is also suitable for older horses who require a higher level of
protein. The Power Fit can be combined with the Energizer at peak times, during heavy training sessions and/or competitions, for an extra boost.

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