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Mixed roughage

When you choose a Florian ration for your horse, you first make a choice between our mixed roughage. 

Our mixed roughage forms the ideal basis of the ration. They contain various fiber and crude fiber sources, which stimulate the digestion. This makes our mixed roughage a stable factor and a healthy basis for your horse’s meal.

Basic Pure

The ideal basis of the ration. This mixed roughage stimulates the digestion system and constitutes a healthy meal for every horse.

  • Variety of fibers and crude fiber
  • 100% natural
  • No added sugar

Basic Growth

Particularly suitable for horses who require a higher level of protein and or energy. Ensures a healthy growth, muscle building and an optimal digestion.

  • Lots of structure and protein
  • For muscle building
  • Mixed with linseed oil

Total Plus

Suitable for horses that function perfectly with only roughage in their ration. In addition to the different fibers and crude fiber sources, the extra vitamins and minerals ensure that this unique product can be used as a complete feed, without the addition of grain or muesli.

  • Structure and fibre
  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Complete feed

ViMi-Plus Balancer

This concentrated grain is perfect for horses who gain enough energy from the Florian Basic roughage feed. It provides sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements (nutrients) in the horses ration.

ViMi-Plus Balancer

Perfect for horses who gain enough energy from the Florian Basic roughage feed. 

  • Strongly concentrated grain
  • Small amount of feed required
  • Contains a high dose of vitamins,
    minerals and trace elements of nutrients


Does your horse have a specific energy requirement? Then choose one of our muesli’s, instead of the ViMi-Plus Balancer.

First Care

A unique muesli, which has a positive effect on the bowel function. The digestion is extra stimulated due to the bran and crude fibre.

  • A bran basis
  • Also can be used to feed as a mash
  • High fibre content


A high quality composed muesli for horses that should be a bit “sharper”. Therefore, this muesli is very suitable for horses who are
phlegmatic (slughish) and may become more energetic. 

  • For “phlegmatic” horses
  • Makes the horse sharper
  • Large amount of quick

Slow Impact

A muesli developed for horses who need to gain weight, but do not need to become sharper and more energetic. This concentrate supplies controllable energy. 

  • Slow release of energy
  • Added magnesium
  • For controlable energy

Power Fit

This muesli gives extra muscle power. Suitable for rearing young horses, young sporthorses and horses that need to build extra muscles. This feed is also suitable for older horses who require a higher level of

  • High quality protein
  • Supports muscle build
  • Also suitable for older horses

Start-up Package

Would you like to feed Florian Horsefood, but you don’t know where to start? Then our start-up package is exactly what you need!

A start-up package is good for about 2 weeks of feeding for 1 horse. It consists of 3 packs of mixed roughage and 1 bag of First Care muesli. By feeding the First Care you help your horse’s digestion, which makes the ration change even better.

The perfect start for your horse

To start with the package that is perfectly suitable for your horse, we offer a choice of two different start-up packages: Basic Pure or Basic Growth. Does your horse look good and does he have sufficient muscle building? Then Basic Pure is the right start-up package for your horse. Does your horse have an increased protein requirement and is he allowed to gain weight? Then we recommend the Basic Growth start-up package.