Stable concept

Stable Concept

At Florian Horsefood we understand that as a stable owner it can be difficult to meet the specific feed requirements of all horse owners that are your clients. Horse owners once started supplements for good reasons and sometimes spend a lot of money on them. As a result, each horse has its own complicated feeding schedule. This means that feeding the horses for you as a stable owner often takes a very long time and is prone to errors. Florian therefore has a suitable solution for you as a stable manager. With the Florian package we remove these problems for you because we take on the tasks of feed management. Read here what we can do for you.

The Florian package contains everything you need to optimize feed management within your stable. As a core product we supply top quality feed, mixed roughage and a muesli or the ViMi-plus Balancer for every horse. A feed bucket is supplied per horse. In order not to make feeding a day job, we offer the Florian feed cart, in this way you can feed easily and efficiently.

We also provide all the information and excellent service that you and your customers need. Once a year we organize a Florian “knowledge café” evening for our customers. Twice a year there is a moment for every customer for personalized feed advice from one of our nutrition experts. Our experts can be reached by phone for any food-related questions, so that you no longer have to worry about this and have satisfied customers. With the Florian package you offer your customers an extra service. By means of our quality mark you show that the horses in your stables receive tasty healthy food and therefore the well-being of the horses is of paramount importance to you.

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