Mixed roughage


Unlike humans, a horse produces stomach acid all day. Also good to know; a horse only produces saliva while chewing. Saliva ensures the stomach acid to neutralize. No wonder horses in nature graze for an average of sixteen hours a day.

The digestion of a horse is more complex than that of a human being. Horses gathering most of its energy from the digestion of fibers in the large intestine.

In nature, horses are constantly searching for different types of grass and fibres. This variety of fibers has a proven positive effect on the intestinal flora and a good working intestinal flora ensures the horse feels better than ever before.

Florian’s roughage mixes have been specially developed for the horse’s digestive system:

  • We combine high quality hay with different fibers for an optimal intestinal flora;
  • We optimize the ration by offering different fibres, minerals and vitamins;
  • during a longer chewing time more salvia is produced the and stomach is neutralized;
  • We stimulate a healthy digestion and focus on the horse’s natural behavior;
  • We support a healthy immune system wich makes a horse feel better than ever!

| MIXED ROUGHAGE  with a little extra

We were already happy with our roughage mixes and now we are completely satisfied!

In recent years, our team has been busy creating the perfect mix. And they succeeded! The three well-known roughage mixes have been upgraded by adding different ingredients.

Feed your horse with a plan

Every horse and every situation is different and feeding is truly tailor-made. The basis is sufficient roughage from good quality. This is the main source of energy for the horse. Research shows that offering different fibers has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. An optimal intestinal flora ensures good health and strong immunity.

Personal advice

Do you find it difficult to complete a ration for your horse? Our nutritionists are happy to help you and love to visit your stable. Does Florian not suit you or your horse? Our help is without obligation, so you are not committed to anything.

17,95 incl. btw. 16,47 excl. btw.

Florian Basic Growth

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15,95 incl. btw. 14,63 excl. btw.

Florian Basic Pure

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18,96 incl. btw. 17,39 excl. btw.

Florian Total Plus

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199,00 incl. btw. 182,57 excl. btw.

250KG Florian Basic Pure

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250KG Florian Total Plus

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