Florian Basic Pure

For all types of horses this is a perfect product to be given as a replacement for hay or silage or as a supplement to this. It contains more protein and nutrients than hay or silage and mimics the natural diet more.


✔ Low sugar starch content

✔ Structurally rich


Consists of: Hay, alfalfa, bran, barley straw, linseed oil.

Florian Basic Growth

Suitable for yearling horses and young horses that have just started their training. Also suitable for lactating or in foal mares and sport horses that need some extra proteins for muscle building.


✔ Low sugar and starch content

✔ High-quality protein

✔ Ensures healthy growth


Consists of: Hay, alfalfa, bran, barley straw, soybean meal, bulb chaff, linseed oil, spelt.

Florian Total Plus

Can be given as a complete feed intake. Generally suitable for all horses.


✔ Contains vitamins and minerals

✔ Low sugar and starch content

✔ Structurally rich


Consists of: Hay, alfalfa, bran, vitamins and minerals, soybean oil.

Florian All-in Growth

Can be given as a complete feed intake. Suitable for young horses that are still growing, breeding mares or sport horses in need of more muscling or to support a fall back of muscles.


✔ Contains vitamins and minerals

✔ High-quality protein

✔ Low sugar and starch content


Consists of: Hay, alfalfa, bran, soybean meal, ball chaff, spelt, vitamins and minerals, soybean oil.

Florian Vi-Mi Plus

Fortiry your horses’ diet with our VI-Mi Plus. Vi-Mi Plus contains all essential minerals and vitamins every horse needs on a daily basis.


✔ A pellet containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements


Consists of: Wheat groats, alfalfa, oat peel pellets, chalk, molashine, linseed oil, minerals, vitamins.

Maximum daily intake: 1 kg per day for a 500 kg horse.


Florian Energizer

Specifically created for phlegmatic horses. Not suitable for sensitive horses. Makes horses more alert and more attentive.


✔ Fast energy

✔ Rapidly released energy from carbohydrates


Consists of: Barley flakes, black and crushed oats, extruded corn and barley, carob, oil, pea and carrot flakes, sunflower seeds, brewer’s yeast.

Florian Power Fit

Suitable for yearling horses, young sport horses and horses that need extra muscle building.


✔ Rich in protein

✔ For muscle building

✔ Contains essential amino acids

✔ Zorgt voor onderhoud van spierwand, botten en organen 


Consists of: Black and crushed oats, toasted soybeans, alfalfa pellets, barley and pea flakes, extruded corn and barley, linseed, sunflower seeds, oil, brewer’s yeast.

Florian First Care

Ideal basic pellet as a supplement to our roughage products.


✔ High roughage content

✔ Stimulates bowel function

✔ Increased crude roughage content

✔ 50% roughage, 50% pellet


Consists of: Wheat bran, oatmeal pellets, crushed oats, alfalfa pellets, barley, corn, pea and carrot flakes, extruded barley, soybean oil, alfalfa, brewer’s yeast.

Florian Slow Impact

Suitable for horses that need to gain weight without getting too sensitive.


✔ Slow energy source

✔ Stimulates growth

✔ Supplemented with magnesium

✔ Makes a horse more relaxed


Consists of: Barley and wheat flakes, spelt, alfalfa grain, wheat groats, linseed oil and flakes, pea flakes, alfalfa, magnesium oxide, chalk, salt, molasses, monocalcium phosphate.

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