Klantervaring: Vivian Chang

We started feeding Florian horse food since Feb 2019. The difference is undeniably satisfying. Most of the horses enjoyed the change immediately but for some it took a while to get used to it. We have 8 dressage horses in training, from just saddle broken 3 year olds, 11-13 year old competition horses and a 20 year old retired GP horse.

One of the mares was particularly difficult to feed and last winter she was in quite poor condition before we came across Florian horse food. Gerrit came to visit and gave his advise. He told us it would take a couple of month to see her change and indeed it took 2 months before she vacuum ate everything. Together with her being able to nourish herself with correct nutrition from feed and good training we have been making very good progress. She not only completely changed in behaviour but also become a lot stronger, fitter and more confident.

Another case is a 19 year old dressage horse whom I’ve known for 5 years. During the time I’ve known him he always had irritable stomach and was prone to diarrhea. We had tried all brands and types of horse feeds but nothing worked unless we gave him gastro guard. One month into Florian food we started to notice his manure was looking a lot more solid. Until now we never had any more issues with his diarrhea. He became a lot fitter and still performs well at international level with his owner.

My retired 20 year old GP horse was brought back to light work due to the fact he became extremely ill during his retirement. After a few months of being on his new diet, his muscles were back and he felt so fresh and fit. No one would guess his age from how he looks and behaves.

Last summer we had two young mares giving foals. The transition from weaning back to full time sport horses went well. We also believe the food played a big role. I imagine it’s not easy for people to change their eating habits just as it would take some time for horses to getting used to a healthy diet. But I believe horses will thank you for choosing the correct nutrition for them.

Vivian Chang