Florian Basic Growth

17,95 incl. btw. 16,47 excl. btw.

Extremely suitable for horses with a higher protein and energy requirement. This is provided by the Basic Growth from the roughage, which ensures healthy growth and optimal digestion.

Contents: 16kg


The Basic Growth is perfectly suitable for horses that require higher protein & energy. Think of young and growing horses, older horses that are having a hard time to keep up their weight, mares in foal or lactating and horses that need support in building more muscles. The Basic Growth is easy to chew for older horses with bad teeth. This roughage contains spelt grain, which stimulates growth. Of course the basis exists of a variety of fibers and crude fiber, like you’re used to with our products. The combination of hay, alfalfa, bran, bulb chaff and barley straw ensures this. So, if you want to burden the growth in your horse and the digestion as little as possible, the Basic Growth is an ideal product!


  • Extra proteins, with a correct amino acid pattern
  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Variety of fibers and crude fiber
  • Structured
  • ‘Vegetables and fruit’ for the horse

Feeding advice

40% of the daily amount of roughage. For an average horse this means approx. 4 kg per day, this is 2 buckets well pressed.

1 kg Basic Growth replaces 1kg of hay.