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Healthy. Strong. In balance. Your horse deserves the best. Especially when it comes to nutrition. Correct and balanced nutrition is a critical component to good horse care. That makes Florian Horsefood an excellent choice! Our top quality multiple roughage and additional range of pellets reflect the natural needs of a horse. This offers an optimal basis for healthy digestion, improved gastrointestinal flora and optimum nutrient absorption, resulting in a healthy horse.

It is therefore that horses naturally perform better with Florian Horsefood.

Florian Horsefood. Reflects the horses’ natural diet.

Florian Horsefood. Reflects the horses’ natural diet.

All Florian Horsefood products are carefully sourced from nature. Based on new insights and scientific research, we ensure a careful selection of only the best-functioning ingredients in the production process. We produce our horsefood in a unique in-house developed production process and we test all roughage for quality and nutritional values. As we are convinced that multiple roughage reflects a horse’s natural diet and therefore as a basis works best for every horse.

Excellent Choice:

For optimum digestion

 Ensures optimal gastrointestinal flora

 Stimulates chewing

 Protects and supports the gastrointestinal tract


Florian Horsefood is multiple roughage. By combining different long roughage, the positive properties of each fibre ensure a natural digestion. The structure-rich fibre stimulates chewing which protects the stomach against stomach ulcers.

For improved performance

 Extends the feed intake

 All oil-based products

 Slow energy source from crude fibre


Florian Horsefood consists mainly of crude fibre which is the most important source of energy for horses. Structure-rich roughage, supplemented with minerals and vitamins, offers a fully balanced feed intake for many horses, with improved bowel function, ensuring efficient absorption of nutrients. This makes a horse feel fit and healthy resulting in improved performance.

For improved health

 Improved immunity

 Low in sugar and starch

 Contains vitamins and minerals


Florian Horsefood contributes to a healthy gastrointestinal flora and good digestion. All our roughage products are low in starch and sugars. An optimal gastrointestinal flora ensures a healthier horse with improved immunity and less chance of obesity, gastrointestinal and other health problems.

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