Florian Feeding method

Our goal

We want to let horses eat healthier and from there we want to “Let horses flourish”!

We are convinced that every horse’s diet should go back to basics and that its nutrition should be in line with the natural needs

In the modern way of keeping horses, the complex digestive system of the horse is often insufficiently taken into account. As a result, we see many metabolic and digestive problems appear. With our nature-inspired way of feeding, the horses digestive system is optimized. Our mixed roughage plays an absolute leading role in this!

The Florian Feeding method is suitable for every horse: from recreation to sport. Because every horse functions and performs best with a healthy ration that is tailor-made.

How does this work?

Horses are naturally roughage eaters. In nature they graze an average of 16 hours a day to get dry, stalky and varied roughage. They do this because of their natural needs to continuously supply their stomach with food. 

With Florian Horsefood we go back to this natural basis:

  • We combine more varieties of crude fiber and fiber for and optimal intestinal flora;
  • We optimize the feeding of roughage, by providing various crude fibers and fiber;
  • We neutralise the stomach by providing a longer chewing time and enchancing the saliva production; 
  • We stimulate a healthy digestion, like the horse is naturally used to;
  • We activate a healthy immune system, which makes the horse stronger from the insise.

With this, we bring horses back to basics with tasty, varied and healthy food!

What makes us different?

You are probably familiar with the traditional way of feeding: the basis is formed by single roughage (hay) and this is supplemented with concentrates (pallets and/or muesli)

We do it differently! Within our Florian feeding method, the basis of the ration also consists of hay. This hay is supplemented with Florian mixed roughage, which contains a variety of fibers and crude fiber. From this solid basis, you decide for each horse whether supplementation with a vitamin-mineral pallet is sufficient, or a muesli to direct energy is more appropriate. 


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