Our fans

We got in touch with Florian Horsefood, because we were looking for a roughage that would give our horses the right combination of different nutrients. Because our horses have to perform in sports, it is important that they eat well, feel good and are and remain visibly in a good condition. At our stable we feed the mixed roughage out of the big bales, when we go to a show we take the small packages with us. The horse get 2kgs, two times a day and they really like eating it. We are very happy with Florian Horsefood!

Liesje Vrolijk - Stal V Team

We have been feeding our horses Florian Horsefood for 2 years now. We ended up there, because we had a horse that was in a very bad shape during winter. After a year we completely switched to this feed, for all of our horses. The horses have a much nicer coat, they have more (usable) energy and they are much looser in their body.

Britt & Esmee van de Wouw

I have a 7-years old dressage horse, that I bought a year before I started feeding Florian Horsefood. He was on the lean side, but above all he had skin complaints (little bumps all over his body). I’ve been to several vets and we had tried everything, but nothing really worked. Then a Florian advisor came to my house and said that he thought the problem could be solved with the right food. I started to feed Florian and soon the bumps became less and my horse started to feel better. After 5 months, he was changed completely, no more skin problems! I would have never believed that this would work, but the right food can make sure miracles happen!

Sharonne Jansen

We started feeding Florian horse food since Feb 2019. The difference is undeniably satisfying. Most of the horses enjoyed the change immediately but for some it took a while to get used to it. We have 8 dressage horses in training, from just saddle broken 3 year olds, 11-13 year old competition horses and a 20 year old retired GP horse.

Vivian Chang

I started feeding Florian Horsefood, because it was very difficult to get the right balance of feed for my different horses. I had one horse that became too fat quickly and another one stayed too thin. Based on extensive advice from a Florian advisor, I now have all my horses at a good weight, without having to feed different brands. In addition, my horses now receive more roughage and less concentrate, without losing strength and energy. They like the Florian food very much and they all look very shiny. I’m very happy that we have discovered Florian Horsefood and I would recommend it to everyone!

Carlijn Vaessen
Ik voer nu sinds een paar maanden Florian Horsefood en merk enorm veel verschil in het gedrag, de vacht, de conditie en de spiermassa van mijn paarden en ze likken de voerbakken schoner dan ooit. Ik heb thuis 3 fantastische paardjes staan en dat zijn Inita, Charmain PH Z en Angela. Ik rij met Inita op internationaal niveau van de eventing en Charmain en Angela ben ik aan het opleiden voor het hogere werk. Ik wil graag met Florian Horsefood mijn paarden klaar maken voor het EK niveau. Ik ben sinds oktober 2021 opgenomen in het A-kader van de eventing junioren en wil graag strijden voor mijn plekje in Team NL. Ook stellen wij ons thuis op als een Florian verkooppunt en helpen wij graag om jouw paarden net zo gezond, blij en sportief te maken als die van ons!
Rina van der Kolk