Florian Feeding Plan

Florian Feeding Plan


| Step 1: The Basics - FIBER!

Of course the basis of each ration consists of good quality grass and hay and unlimited access to water.

The horse digests most of its food in the large intestine and gets most of its energy from digesting fiber. That is why good and sufficient hay is always the basis of the horse’s ration.


| Step 2: Optimizing the roughage

Mixing roughage

Florian roughage mixes, in combination with good hay, are an ideal basis for the daily ration. The roughage mixes contain various fibers and crude fiber sources which stimulate the horse’s digestion.

Basic Pure

For horses with a lower protein & energy requirement

  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Structural
  • Consists of various fiber sources
  • A source of various crude fiber materials

Basic Growth

Basic Growth is ideal for horses with a higher protein and energy requirement. Basic Growth is extremely suitable for horses with a higher protein and energy requirement, such as horses in growth, horses that build muscle and for pregnant and lactating mares.

  • Rich in proteins, with a correct amino acid pattern< /li>
  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Structural
  • Consists of various fiber sources
  • A source of various crude fiber materials

Total Plus 

Florian Total Plus is a very complete roughage mix. Extra vitamins and minerals have been added so supplementary feeding with concentrates is unnecessary. Florian Total Plus is extremely suitable for horses that function well on roughage alone.

  • Complete nutrition due to the addition of vitamins and minerals
  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Structural
  • Consists of various fiber sources
  • A source of various crude cell materials

| Step 3: Complement

Muesli & Primus Pellet

Depending on the performance you expect from your horse, the ration of hay and roughage mixes can be complemended. Florian has developed innovative concentrates and balancers to optimize the energy level of your horse.

VIMI-Plus Balancer

The VIMI-PLUS Balancer contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a high dose. Feeding a small amount per day is therefore sufficient.

First Care

Florian First Care has a bran base and can also be fed as a slobber. In addition to bran, Florian First Care contains a lot of crude fiber which gives the digestion an extra boost.

Slow Impact

The Slow Impact has been developed for sharp horses that can be a bit calmer in training. The Slow Impact provides a slow release and controllable energy.

Power Fit

Florian Power Fit is a balanced muesli with high-quality protein. In addition to protein Florian Power Fit also contains energy from carbohydrates, which provides pleasant and workable energy.

| Stap 4: Finetunen


First Care

A unique muesli, which has a positive effect on the bowel function. The digestion is extra stimulated due to the bran and crude fibre. This
concentrate can be fed as a muesli, but also as a mash by adding water.


Digest Comfort

The Florian Digest Comfort is specially made for horses with a sensitive stomach or a disturbed digestion. With a uniquely selected seaweed mix, acidification in the large intestine is reduced and the absorption of nutrients is improved.

  • for optimal stomach and intestinal health
  • made from a uniquely selected seaweed mix< /li>
  • Protects stomach wall and intestinal mucosa
  • Reduces acidification in the large intestine
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients

Muscle Power

The Florian Muscle Power keeps the muscles flexible and supports the muscles during construction and recovery. Muscle Power consists of easily digestible proteins from vegetable sources and high-quality spirulina.

  • helps with muscle maintenance, building and recovery
  • with high-quality spirulina
  • contains many vitamins and minerals
  • consists of easily digestible proteins from vegetable sources

Golden Herbs

The Florian Golden Herbs is a herbal mix that supports the cleansing effect of the liver and kidneys. Florian Golden Herbs contains various herbs and seaweeds and is recommended as a detox cure in spring and autumn.

• Contains various herbs and seaweeds
• Supports the cleansing effect of liver and kidneys
• Has a strong antioxidant effect
• Recommended as a detox cure in the spring and autumn
• Also recommended after deworming or medication


The Florian Reflorish is a supplement in the form of an effervescent tablet, which contains electrolytes and
muscle & ; gut supporting ingredients. The effervescent tablet is easy to dissolve in drinking water, helps against muscle acidification and contributes to rapid recovery after exercise.

• Effervescent tablet with electrolytes and muscle & intestinal supporting ingredients
• Contributes to rapid recovery after exercise
• Helps against muscle acidification
• Supports and protects the intestine


| Personal Advice

Do you find it difficult to complete the ration for your horse? Our nutritionists are happy to help you and simply visit your stable. Does Florian not suit you? Our help is without obligation, so you are not committed to anything.

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