Power of the sea!

Power from the sea!

The treasure of the sea, seaweed! Seaweed has been eaten by humans for centuries. More than 10,000 years ago the Chinese used it for thyroid swelling. The ancient Romans used seaweed for joint problems.

Seaweed for horses

But is seaweed also good for your horse and are all seaweed types the same? Seaweed is an ideal source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Seaweed also contains fiber and many bioactive ingredients that have various positive effects on the health and performance of your horse.

Seaweed species

There are many seaweed species that grow under different conditions in different parts of the world. We can divide all these types into three main categories: green, red and brown. It is important to understand which bioactive substances occur in which seaweed species in order to process the ideal combination in feed or supplements. This can support digestion and the immune system.

In this way seaweed contributes to an excellent basic condition and has a direct effect on the vitality, appearance and performance of your horse. Florian Horsefood works with a unique combination of different seaweed species in Digest Comfort and Golden Herbs. New seaweed products are under development and are expected very soon.

Author: Hilde Vrancken

Veterinary Specialist