| Mixed roughage

Unlike humans, a horse produces stomach acid all day. Also good to know; a horse only produces saliva while chewing. Saliva ensures the stomach acid to neutralize. No wonder horses in nature graze for an average of sixteen hours a day.

The digestion of a horse is more complex than that of a human being. Horses gathering most of its energy from the digestion of fibers in the large intestine.

In nature, horses are constantly searching for different types of grass and fibres. This variety of fibers has a proven positive effect on the intestinal flora and a good working intestinal flora ensures the horse feels better than ever before.


| Balancers & Detox

Depending on the performance you expect from your horse, the ration of hay and roughage mixes can be supplemented. Florian has developed innovative muesli’s, primal chunks and balancers to optimaize the ration of your horse.

ViMi-Plus Balancer

The VIMI-PLUS Balancer contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a high dose, feeding only a small amount per day is already sufficient.

Golden Herbs Detox

The FlorianGolden Herbs is a mix of various herbs and seaweeds that supports the cleansing effect of the liver and kidneys. A detox with Florian Golden Herbs is a recommended cure in spring and autumn.

| Muesli & Primus Pellet

Depending on the performance you expect from your horse, the ration of hay and roughage mixes can be supplemented. Florian has developed innovative primal chuncks, muesli’s and balancers to optimize the ration of your horse.


| Sample Packs

Have you become curious about our products? Our tasteful sample packs contains a basic ration so your horse can taste our products. With a sample pack you have enough roughage and muesli for 3 to 4 weeks.

The perfect feeding package for your horse

With the sample packages it is possible to try out our mixed roughage and our muesli. There are currently two different sample packs: Basic Pure and Basic Growth. Does your horse look good and does he have sufficient muscle building? Then Basic Pure is the right package for your horse. Does your horse have an increased protein requirement and should he gain some weight? We recommend the Basic Growth sample pack.


| Supplements

Is your horse a real top athlete which must excel in condition in power? Do you like to take your horse outside but is he just too stressful to do that kind of fun? Nutrition plays an important role in all situations and we think there is a unique and personal plan for each horse.

With our Florian supplements from the Finest Enrichment line you can perfectly fine-tune your horse’s ration. Our supplements are composed with the greatest care and from natural products. It is a natural helping hand!


| Haybreaker

The Haybreaker is a tasty and healthy snack for your horse. Due the low sugar and starch content, the Haybreaker is very suitable as a daily reward. The Haybreaker is composed with a hint of mint. Your horse will love it!

Have a Happy, Healthy Haybreak!



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